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·ROSACE is the result of a joint effort between people who are first and foremost eager to apprehend today’s world and the protection of global knowledge, multicultural and intellectual collaborations with stakeholders in the fields of education, economics and culture in general.

·ROSACE conjures an architectural rose window that requires long-lasting materials the main components of which have always been creativity, innovation, satisfaction and contemplation.

·Members of ROSACE are researchers and teachers, but primarily people who are devoted to showing a genuine ethical commitment.

·Our educational support takes into account extensive transdisciplinary reflections in learning and culture.

·Through specific subjects and beyond we foster dialogue between sciences and arts.

·Our transdisciplinary approach fits in with the need to comprehend the being (the person as a whole) in their relation to their environment (the context) according to the idea of levels of reality (Lupasco, Nicolescu).

·We offer training such as in-class seminars (presence and distance learning), topical events, conferences and debates, and technical workshops on innovation.

·We get involved in educational projects in France and worldwide.

·We support added value citizens’ initiatives (charity work, volunteering, …).

·We provide resources to all the members of the network.

·Through our joint effort we look forward to bringing together various perspectives, promoting dialogue and harmony, and confidently considering the future.

Date de mise à jour 25 avril 2019

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